plugin preview not working

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SWP 6.0.24 on Win7

After I installed this, I find I can no
longer preview using the plugin: see
the attached file for a screenshot.
The problem is not with creation of
the pdf file: if I switch to the
Default Program for viewing PDF files
I can view the PDf created by SWP6.
(But see also below).

Question: what is SWP6 looking for
as regards the Acrobat plugin, and
where does it expect to find it?


I did Prefs -> Advanced and looked at
the Plugins tab. All components of the
Acrobat plugin are Enabled.

I started Firefox, and navigated to a
pdf file. This opened within FF using the
plugin, so it seems that the plugin is
actually working at least in FF.

Comment on Default Program

On my Win7 system, using the Default
Program to view the SWP pdf file opens
Acrobat Reader via a batch file, which seems
to have problems (though the PDF document
actually opens). See the attached
picture. (preview_fails_swp6_v3.gif)
Surely for a "default program"
opening, a batch file isn't necessary ---
you just "run" the pdf file itself?
That works with other pdf files.

preview_fails_swp6_v3.gif112.17 KB
preview_fails_swp6_v2.gif97.81 KB
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The Mozilla base code does

The Mozilla base code does not provide a 'run' command; it allows executing a program given the file name of the program. The 'run' command needs to look up the program currently registered to load a file of a certain time, and then executes that program.

Rather than re-implement that code, and the implementations would be platform-dependent, we just pass the problem on to a shell program.

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"certain type," not "certain

"certain type," not "certain time"