SWP 6.0.22 bugs

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Many thanks for releasing SWP 6.0.22 and especially for fixing the bug I reported with release 6.0.21 that re-ordered math expressions when copying and pasting into displays.

But SWP 6.0.22 does NOT fix the bug with bracket sizes in math that I also reported with release 6.0.21. I am deeply disappointed that this bug has not been fixed. It is a major impediment to using SWP 6 for editing math in serious work.

I attach a .sci file that illustrates this and other bracket bugs. PLEASE MAKE THESE A TOP PRIORITY TO BE FIXED IN THE NEXT RELEASE.

QUESTION: is there some workaround that I can use to force brackets to re-size appropriately in the meantime? This is really important if I am to go on testing SWP 6 with serious academic work.


None of my co-authors, and colleagues who I know use Scientific Word/Workplace, has switched to using SWP 6 because of bugs like these that interfere with producing even minimally acceptable PDF output and I am certainly not willing to recommend SWP 6 to anybody for serious academic work while bugs like these remain.

I personally persevere with SWP 6 because I think it is a potentially great product that I would love to see working well. But the reality is that every piece of serious work I have done with SWP 6.0.21 has taken at least twice (and probably 3 times) as long as if I had done it with SWP 5.5. Moreover, from the lack of response by people at MacKichan to questions posed on the website for help with using the program, I have the impression that those who persevere with SWP 6 are regarded as cheap labor whose time is of little value and there simply to be exploited. Certainly, I currently see less helpful feedback from developers than at any time since I started Beta testing Scientific Word 2 decades ago.

My guess is that SWP 6 is never going to be a success until that changes.

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