crashes with \dots

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swp 6.0.22 on Win 7

I was trying to enter "x_1,x_2,...,x_n" after
"necessary" in para 2 of the Std Latex article.

I entered x_1,x_2, and then tried to enter
dots using the macro box. The dots got inserted.
However, the cursor moved to the top-left of the
editor window. When I moved it back to right after
the dots, I was in text mode. Pressing ctrl+m to
switch to math, the cursor moved to the left of the
dots. In trying to re-position the cursor after
the dots in order to complete the expression
I found that I ended up with x_1,x_2,,... ; and
trying to get things right, sometimes the dots
got deleted, and needed to be re-entered.

Problems with the \dots macro have been
reported before. What is new is that futzing around
with this while trying to enter the desired
expression, I managed to cause SWP6 to close without
warning more than three times.

Using the dots on the symbol sidebar seems to work
with no problems: it's apparently just the macro
version that leads to crashes. But the fact that
you can crash the system and lose all your work by
using a built-in macro is cause for serious concern.

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This hasn't been fixed yet,

This hasn't been fixed yet, but just let me make one comment.

The easiest way to enter ellipses is to type three periods in a row. In text or in mathematics, automatic substitution replaces this with an ellipsis character, as you can verify by moving the cursor to the left over the ellipsis -- it is a single character.

The same applies to em- and en-dashes, arrows, greater/less than, etc. Look at the beginning and end of the text patterns in the autosubstitute dialog. Double apostrophes or backticks will do curly quotes and there are "smart" quotes that generally work ("smart" here means IQ of about 85).