inkscape installation

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swp 6.0.22 on Win 7

In installing version 6.0.22 I asked
that the Inkscape component be installed.
After the regular installation had finished, the
system put up a message box saying "Running extra
installers Please wait". 45 minutes later it was still
there, so I Cancelled it. As far as I can tell,
Inkscape was not installed. If you double-click
on the Inkscape exe file that is found in the
Mackichan folder, installation starts, but only
after Win7 asks you for permission. Perhaps the
needed permission prevents automatic installation?

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I don't recall the exact

I don't recall the exact contents of the message, but I think the "Installing ... Please wait" part is what would suggest to most users that they should, well, wait. Perhaps you could consider the main message saying something like "We need to install additional software" and then have as responses "Install" and "Quit w/o installing"

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The "Running extra

The "Running extra installers..." is a dialog box that you have to acknowledge before the product installer will continue and run the extra installers (possibly TeX Live, Inkscape, and/or Ghostscript). Without the bookends of this dialog and the matching "Finished..." dialog at the end, I found it very difficult to tell when the installation process is complete. I'm sure there is a better way to let you know when everything is done, but I haven't found it yet. Suggestions would be welcome.