PDF previewer does not work properly

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PDF Previewer creates pdf-file but does not show it on the panel. The same result is for any standard file.

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It is hard to identify your

It is hard to identify your problem without further information. But, as a start, you might try the following. On the menu bar at the top of the SWP window, click on SWP, then on Preferences. On the window that this opens, choose TeX Typesetting and, on the Expert tab that comes up, make sure the choice is set to "Use the default program for viewing PDF files". Then close the Typesetting window and try clicking the PDF Preview tab for any .sci file.

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Yes, it works. I used plugin,

Yes, it works. I used plugin, so that was the problem.

Wild guess:  You are using

Wild guess:  You are using Windows 10 with the default Microsoft provided PDF viewer program.  Switching to use the default viewer program opens that program correctly, while the plug-in doesn't work.  Another solution could be to install Acrobat Reader as your PDF viewer program.  That plug-in seems to be better behaved.