Subindex behavior

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* The following has occurred to me:

- I type a symbol.
- I create a subindex (CTRL+L) and choose Text mode (CTRL+T)
- The subindex area, if "View input boxes" is activated, appears delimited by green brackets (see 1.jpg).
- I type in some text.
- If I switch-off "View input boxes", not only the green brackest but the text itself *disappears* (see 2.jpg).
- This does not happen if the subindex is written in math mode.

More abnormal behavior:

* With the subindex in math mode, the green brackets only appear --if "View input boxes is active-- at the time the subindex field is created; in subsequent visits to the field, the green brackets have vanished. This does not happen if the subindex contents are text (but then again in this case everything disappears when "View input boxes" is off).

* See 3.jpg. After typing E_3 (BTW, why is the blinking vertical line so long, reaching the expression below?), if I press backspace to delete it, "invalid-markup" appears (4.jpg)". Actually, my documents end up full of "invalid-markup"s...

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