Copy & Paste and Framed equation

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Please see attached sshot1.jpg. Systematically, if I copy the equation at the top and paste into a new math display, the expression appears scrambled as shown (eq. (0.1)).

This document was generated with SWP 5.5 and saved as standard latex, then imported by SWP 6.

Also, the framed equation (0.2) is displayed anomalously in the Normal view. For some reason, the frame appears to be "rigid" and the equation is split in two lines, as seen. It's impossible to recover a longer, single line; all my attempts have ended up with unexpected deletion of symbols instead.

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I think your first problem,

I think your first problem, the scrambling of math when copied and pasted, is the same problem that I reported in the topic SWP 6.0.21 Math Bugs. So it seems to be a general problem, not just one specific to my setup. I think it is a problem that is new in SWP 6.0.21 - at least, I did not observe it in previous releases. It clearly needs to be a very high priority to be fixed in the next release because it is a major impediment to effective use of SWP.

Your second problem, the rigid frames with documents imported from SWP 5.5, is also one I have encountered. But I have not reported it before because I have not managed to work out when it happens and when it does not. (It doesn't always happen.) Have you managed to identify the conditions under which the problem occurs?

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No, I have not performed many

No, I have not performed many tests. In fact, this was the first thing I attempted with SWP 6.0.21 --importing this SWP 5.5-generated file-- and these two problems just arose. I can't identify a pattern for the frame problem so far. If only I had some more time... Unfortunately, I frequently have to give up and go back to SWP 5.5, as getting the documents typed is prioritary.