SWP 6.0.21 Auto Bracket Size Bug

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I attach a .sci file that illustrates a bug in the automatic sizing of brackets in a display to the appropriate size for the expression within the brackets.

Can you reproduce this problem? It would be helpful to know because, if not, I need to do more work to find out why the problem applies to my setup.

Also, is there some way to trigger the brackets to resize appropriately?

SWP6021AutoBracketSize.sci117.46 KB
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I can reproduce this on MSWin

I can reproduce this on MSWin (SWP 6.0.21), with one small difference. If I enter 1-a/b first, then highlight it and do ctrl+shift+( to add the expanding brackets, then on preview, the brackets appear as normal size. If I begin with the expanding brackets and then enter 1-a/b inside them, the brackets appear large on initial preview.

Beyond this I have the same behavior as jm: if I delete the "a" (either one: for me it doesn't matter), the on-screen brackets change to non-expanding, and they appear thus in preview too.