new swp6 video

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Barry has provided a nice video Intro to using subdocuments: since his announcement is buried in another non-obvious Forum topic, I thought I'd bring it to the forefront: all videos are available at:

The intro to subdocuments is especially welcome since (the index to) Creating Documents has no mention at all of this feature.

It looks to me as though it took relatively little time to put the video together: if that's so, may I encourage the developers to make more use of this? At the end of the New Features video, Barry says there are lots of things he hasn't covered: might this not be a good time to begin filling in the details? Short single-topic videos like the subdocs intro work very well.

Also, might it not be a good idea to post the notification to the What's New sidebar in SWP6 itself, so that more users can know that it's available?