SWP 6.0.21 Math Bugs

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Many thanks for releasing SWP version 6.0.21, which fixes many of the bugs I reported with 6.0.20. That's great.

There is, however, what I think is a new bug (at least, I did not observe it in 6.0.20) that results in the order of math symbols being reversed when copied and pasted into a display.

This a major problem for editing math because it typically means completely re-typing any math expression that is to be copied into a display. So it needs to be a very high priority to be fixed in the next release.

The attached .sci file illustrates this bug, along with some other less serious bugs in editing math in SWP 6.0.21. It was produced using Mac OS X 10.11.6.

SWP6021MathBugs.sci111.53 KB