Unable to compile a template document from the SVMULT document class package

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I'm using SW 5.5 and my work requires that I use the attached SVMULT document class package. I downloaded the package and saved it to my sw55 -->TCITex-->Tex-->LaTex subdirectory. I then opened the author TeX template document in SW using the File --> Non-SWP/SW LaTex command, which worked albeit with a few warnings (if I just open the template as I would any other SW document the whole program crashes). The document does not compile and I can't preview it. Can you help me out?



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The Springer typesetting

The Springer typesetting specification redefines some standard LaTeX macros, causing problems for SW. Attached is a shell document that was created from the template document.  Various macros for the front matter are in encapsulated TeX fields.  Also attached is the .cst file that SW uses to create the screen appearance of the document.

Save the .shl file in a convenient directory below Shells, perhaps Shells\Articles\SW and save the .cst file in a new directory Styles\svmult.  You can then use File, New and find the shell "Springer Contributed (svmult)".

You will also need to have the typesetting specification files from the  .zip file in a directory below TCITeX\TeX.  See http://www.mackichan.com/techtalk/421.htm for the complete set of instructions for adding a new typesetting specification for use with SW.