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I have a very large project that I am trying to convert to SW6, but I have run into many obstacles. Please verify or correct the following statements.

1. There is no such thing as a subdocument in SW6, in the sense that they were used in hyperrefs in SW5. I have 10,000+ such subdocuments.

2. A subdocument cannot be imported into SW6. I must add header/footer information to convert each of these 10,000 documents into master documents in SW5.5 in order to import them.

3. Is there a way to use an "include" statement in a SW6 document? If so, please provide the exact wording.

4. Can you use the include command to reference *.tex documents in SW6? That is, could I keep all the subdocuments in SW5.5 and simply refer to them from the main document?

6. Somewhere, I have read that you will only support the shells (styles) that are included with the SW6 distribution. Is that still true? I have a SW5.5 style that works for this project. Is there any way to use that style in SW6?

5. Given these questions, is there any reason (other than using xml) that SW6 would be preferable to staying in SW5.5 for this project?

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Additional comment: it looks

Additional comment: it looks to me as if the subdocuments
need to be explicitly "included" in the swp565 master document in order for them to be imported into swp6. Perhaps you had them "excluded" in the master document?

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As to subdocuments: I opened

As to subdocuments: I opened a master document from SWP55 in SWP6 (the subdocuments were referenced via \input and \QSubDoc ). All were imported. As far as I can tell, SWP6 has no subdocuments facility, though this is to some extent compensated for by being able to "roll up" the subsections on the screen, to get them out of the way.

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Version 6 *does* support

Version 6 *does* support subdocuments.

I just posted a screencast on Vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/191387637