The nits harvest

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SWP 6.0.20 on MSWin

Miscellaneous nits:

1. The Text Tag list contains an entry:
Description Label. It's not clear that
this is helpful. In the std latex article,
select "The document class" and apply this tag.
On screen the result looks like an item in
a description list. But it isn't. If you preview,
you get what appears to be an ordinary paragraph
except that the text in yellow is bracketed.
If you now look at the tex file, you'll see
that this tag induces nothing connected with
description lists: it just brackets the text.
Having the tag refer to a Description List
appears misleading at best, and the need
for a special tag for bracketing some text
isn't immediately clear to me.

2. Am I correct that the only way to start
a list is to use the [list]Item tags on the
Paragraph/List tags drop-down? If so, I think
it would be clearer to rename these: instead of
eg descriptionListItem, call it just
DescriptionList. Note that if you make this
change, you will also need to revise Help
(and Creating Documents) which use the "Item"

3. Just what is the sectionTitle tag
on the Para/List Tags drop-down supposed
to do? In the std latex article, start a new
line, enter a few words, and then tag them with
this tag. Preview, then look at the tex file. There
seems to be no difference between this and the
way the first section is tagged (presumably
using the Section tag on the Section/Environment
list). In the editor it *looks* different ---
the font is black, the font size is smaller, and
there's no automatic numbering --- but what's
the point, if in Preview it doesn't behave differently?

4. Another tag comment: what's the "p" tag
on the Para/List tags supposed to do? Even if it
does something useful, it ought to be better named,
so as to provide a clue as to its function.

5. A difficulty with the new names for the tag
drop-downs (I mean the gray names like
"Text formatting tags" that appear when the
program starts up) is that they work
only until the tags are actually used.
After you first select an item from any of
the drop-downs the names never again seem to
appear. An added difficulty (and this is of
long standing) is that what does appear can be
inconsistent with the text on which you're working.

For example: in the std latex article, select
"Both shells" and use the text tag drop-down to
tag it as "emphasized". Now put the cursor in
the bold text immediately to the left. The
drop-down still reads "emphasized" even though
it's not.

In this respect, SWP55 behaves more informatively.
When you've tagged some text as "Emphasize" and
then move the cursor away, the drop-down box
goes blank if the new text isn't tagged at all
and correctly reflects the tag if it is. It would
be nice of SWP6 could mimic this behavior, perhaps
with the new names replacing the SWP55 blanks.