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(Standard LaTeX article; SWP 5.5, 2960)
I cannot have an Abstract in the title; and I seem unable to eliminate the word "Abstract" followed by nothing.
If you do not want the date to appear, you include DATE in the Front Matter. But including "Abstract" followed by nothing does not accomplish what I need. The journal at issue insists that instead of an Abstract in its usual position, I have to supply a "Summary" at the end. I can put the summary at the end all right; but I cannot manage to eliminate the label "Abstract" following the authors' names.
Hi, George. I'm not dead yet!

Hi Jack, me neither.  :-) I

Hi Jack, me neither.  :-)

I sent an email reply from support, but since you also posted here, I'll also post the reply.

For most typesetting specifications, adding the following to the document preamble will remove the word "Abstract":