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Still the character å and Å are wrongly interpreted in the SWP editor when making an import.

Also I get the following in a cmd window:
C:\Program Files (x86)\MacKichan\SWP>echo off
'""' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I have complained about these errors for a long time now - when will they be corrected?

Also the preamble contains error
The line \def\contentsname{Innehåll}
is translated to \def\contentsname{Inneh?ll}

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As I said almost a year ago,

As I said almost a year ago, I am mostly convinced this is a code-page problem. Since we haven't reproduced the problem here, we have asked several times for the TeX file you are having trouble importing.

We really can't fix this and verify the fix without the problem document. PLEASE send it to support and will can fix the problem. Until then, there is little we can do.


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Just to be clear: I have

Just to be clear: I have posted descriptions, examples and even a small video to describe the problems. I will send the files and the video to you by email.

I can't duplicate any

I can't duplicate any problems importing å and Å.  Please post a sample .tex that we can use to duplicate what you are seeing.

The other items are under investigation.

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None of the bugs below has

None of the bugs below has disappeared instead new ones have been introduced. When opening the sci created I get
"då det aritmetiska medelv ärdet"
instead of
"då det aritmetiska medelvärdet"

This is tiresome

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File used is attached, OS

File used is attached, OS win7

is a link describing:
1) windows shuffled
2) extra space after å
3) \hyphenation{samhäl-le} do not work. ä is replaced with black diamond containing ?