Trouble importing .sty file

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I would like to use jf.sty file in the website below to format my article.

However, though I saved jf.sty file in the folder, Style Editor of my SW5.5 does not seem to recognize it. How do I use this .sty file to format an article?

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This is a latex style file,

This is a latex style file, not an styleEditor one. What you need to do is put it into the SWP55 Truetex tree (say, in C:\swp55\TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib) and then in your SWP document, put, in the preamble (Typeset -> Preamble):


Note that SW will automatically transfer this statement to the Options and Packages dialog. If you object to this, you can say, instead


Note that what this doesn't give you is any special constructs created by the style. If you want these you need to use TeX fields for them. Basically what you're getting is possible changes to the way standard LaTeX things are laid out. And there's no guarantee that it will work in connection with other SWP documents - you'll just have to experiment.

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Hi Pviton, Thank you very

Hi Pviton,

Thank you very much. It worked now. Much appreciated.