Swp 6.0.20 install

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SWP 6.0.20 on MS Win

I ran the installer, checking only
the SWP component (no additional installs
requested). Nonetheless, at the end
of the SWP install (after you click Finish)
a dialog came up saying

"Running extra installers if selected ..."

This dialog never disappeared; I eventually
closed it by hand.

While it is useful to remind the user that
a potentially time-consuming operation
is taking place, the message shouldn't appear
at all if no additional installs were selected.
Users who aren't sure what's going on may not
realize that it's safe to close it.

Moreover, when I did close down this box,
I got another error dialog (see attachment)
which suggests that you were still trying
to do a network TeXLive install even though
I didn't request it. (This was on a
non-internet machine; a different result
could perhaps have obtained if it had been possible
to find the url). This needs to be fixed, too.
It's not exactly confidence-building for a new
user to encounter these sorts of problems.

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