Mathematical case expressions

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Thanks very, very much for SWP release 6.0.19. It is a huge improvement for editing math over previous version I have used. I greatly appreciate that.

There is, however, an important math editing feature that is still missing in it (or, at least, I haven't found a way to do): mathematical case expressions.

In SWP 5.5, I created case expressions by creating a matrix with a left-hand brace { and an empty right-hand bracket and then left-aligning the matrix cell entries.

In SWP 6, I have not found a way to left-align matrix cell entries. Selecting a matrix, right-clicking on it to open the context-sensitive menu and selecting Properties does not bring up any options at all. Is it supposed to? If not, should Properties not be grayed out in the context-sensitive menu? Is there another way to align matrix cell entries?

In other TeX implementations, I would create a case expression by using the cases environment supported by the amsmath package but have found no way of doing that in SWP 6 (without resorting to writing the relevant TeX code in a TeXbuttton). Is there a way?

Case expressions are widely used in writing mathematics, so it would seem important for them to be supported in SWP 6, either by aligning matrix cell entries as in SWP 5.5 or by implementing the cases environment supported by the amsmath package. Could this be done in the next release of SWP 6?