floating table import, etc

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SWP 6.0.18 on MSwin

Table import
The tex file attachment is an swp55 file which
just contains the floating table fragment. The sci
file is the result of importing this into SWP6, and
then adding a cross-ref to the table.

Though the import looks ok, (a) the caption doesn't
appear when typeset; and (b) the cross-ref doesn't work.
At a guess, there's a conflict between the internal
properties of the table, and those set by the
TeX fields: if you look at the Properties of
the table, it seems that it's Displayed, (rather
that the desired Floating) which I think would
explain the other problems. If so, it's
confusing to have two ways of setting the
properties of a floating table: the
obvious way would be via the tex fields,
(since they're there) but it seems that these
don't have precedence in the actual output.

I would have thought that it would be possible
to import the table without reproducing the
TeX fields (ie using the fields to set SWP6's internal
table properties, but without reproducing the fields
themselves). Be that as it may, it ought to be
possible to import an SWP55 floating table
"correctly" (so it behaves the same way as
it does in SWP55).

Import of dashes

If a section heading (or the article title)
contains em- or en-dashes, these are imported
as 3 (2) consecutive hyphens, rather than
as the correct (single-glyph) dashes. In
plain text, there doesn't seem to be a problem.

Appearance of table caption
On one of my computers, the table caption
field has a transparent (or maybe white)
background. I wanted to change this in
the CSS editor. If you select the Caption
and click on the Background tab, in the line
beginning Color, there is a little box on
the far right. As it turns out, this activates
the color palette; it needs some sort of label.

On the same tab, there's a provision for
setting the position of the caption.
Why? This seems to be controlled by the
float properties in the table properties
dialog for the individual table.

Also, in the 3 available choices here
Top/Center/Bottom) it's not clear that
Center has any effect.

CSS Editor
One I'd changed the caption background, it was
a bit disconcerting to see that, when I
re-opened the CSS editor to the caption/background
tab, nothing there showed the change I'd made.
It's as if the CSS editor has no memory.
The change *does* appear as a Declaration on the
General tab, but still, it would be useful if the
changes made could show up in the tab where
they're set. It wold make changing your mind
that much simpler.

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