Strange math ctrl-z

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28/2.66≈10.526 in math

mark 52 and delete. Do CTRL-Z. The cursor ends up before ≈. Expected is to return to 52 marked

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In 6.0.19 it is not possible

In 6.0.19 it is not possible to mark 52

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In 6.0.19 under MS Win, this

In 6.0.19 under MS Win, this works for me. I can select and delete the "52" part and restore it via ctrl+z. When I restore it, the "52" is selected, as I think it probably should be. ("mark" means "select", right?)

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Yes mark=select though I

Yes mark=select though I prefer mark

Just tested starting with a blank SWP:

1) In text mode 28/2.66≈10.526. Marked and changed expression to math. Marked 52 (when in math). Deleted. CTRL-z returned 52 but not marked.

2) Changed to math. Copied 28/2.66≈10.526 between the brackets. Can not mark 52. May mark whole expression

In both cases I copied the expression 28/2.66≈10.526 and then pasted it into the blank page

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I copied your equation from

I copied your equation from (2) and pasted it into the end of a line in the std latex article. I then used ctrl+M to convert it to math. I can select the "52" and delete it. Ctrl+Z restores it, though after the restore the I-beam cursor has disappeared. It will re-appear when you click somewhere on the document. Same behavior relative to the Blank Latex article.

Are we using the same OS? I'm on Win7.

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This video explains