SWP 6.0.18 Import TeX bug

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A co-author sent me a TeX file that included the TeX Field

\renewcommand{\thesection} {Appendix \Alph{section}} \renewcommand{%
\thesubsection}{\Alph{section}.\arabic{subsection}} \setcounter{equation}{0} %

for typesetting the appendixes to an article. When I imported the document into SWP 6.0.18, none of the \renewcommand instructions appeared in the .sci file.

This is certainly a debilitating bug for swapping TeX documents with co-authors that needs to be fixed. In the meantime, is there a workaround for this problem?

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Thank you for fixing this bug

Thank you for fixing this bug in SWP 6.0.19. That's great.

There is, though, still a way in which SWP 6.0.19 is not behaving entirely consistently with itself, or with other TeX implementations, over importing this TeX field.

In the second line of the TeX field in my original posting, there is a space in the first \renewcommand between "\renewcommand{\thesection}" and "{Appendix \Alph{section}}". A space in that position in a TeXButton inserted in SWP 6.0.19 produces correct PDF output, as does using TeXShop. But when a TeX file with this TeX field is imported into SWP 6.0.19, the word "Appendix" is omitted from the TeXButton. Instead, it appears as a line of text on-screen and does not produce the same pdf as TeXShop.

This is obviously not a high priority issue - I would not normally include such a space in writing TeX code and it was certainly not intentional here - but it would be good to have future versions of SWP 6 fully compatible with other TeX implementations.