SWP 6.0.17 Import TeX bug

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I attach a TeX file that has a displayed equation that appears correctly in PDF. When imported into SWP 6.0.17 using Import TeX from the File menu (with Mac OS X 10.11.5), the contents of the display vanish from the screen - see the attached .sci file - and are not present in a PDF generated from it.

I think this bug applies only to recent versions of SWP 6. I am reasonably confident that I have imported exactly this same display with earlier versions of SWP 6 without this problem.

It is really serious for me that complicated displays like this may vanish when exchanging TeX documents with co-authors using other programs (in this case SWP 5.5). Please fix this bug as a matter of urgency.

In the meantime, is there a workaround apart from re-typing the whole equation every time we exchange documents?

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It seems that the vanishing

It seems that the vanishing display problem of this topic is caused by the command \strut in the display. The display content appears if I either remove \strut or replace it with \mathstrut. So I think the workaround is not to use \strut within a display.

But there is still a bug that needs fixing for 3 reasons:

1. SWP 6 allows me to put the \strut command in the display and produces a correct PDF when it is there. It is only when I export the document to TeX and re-import it (when, as in this case, working with a co-author using SWP 5.5) that the problem arises.

2. Other TeX implementations (for example, TeXShop) seem to handle the \strut command in a display without a problem so, to be compatible, SWP 6 should do so too.

3. I do not see any evidence that there is strut on-screen in SWP 6, even with View/Invisibles turned on. So, unless I look at the TeX or the Source code, I won't even know it is there. Or is there some way to make it visible?