Subscript in text mode/

Is it possible to use subscripts in text mode in SWP? I noticed that there are some dedicated LaTeX-commands for sub- and superscripts in text mode (\textsubscript{} and \textsuperscript{}), but that only \textsuperscript works in SWP. Or do I need to add a package?

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If you want your subscripts

If you want your subscripts in italics (ie math mode) then just do ctrl+L for subscripts and type away. This works even when you're subscripting text material. If you want them upright, you can do ctrl+L for a subscript, then turn off math mode and type. The latter gives you eg, test$_{\text{abc}}$ so you've not avoided math mode altogether, but (to me) it looks OK.

Adding a package won't necessarily help, because SWP needs to know (internally) about the command for it to be directly enter-able. At a pinch you could define an encapsulated TeX field whose contents are \textsubscript{a} but this is very clumsy since you need to re-edit the tex field each time you want to put in a subscript.