SWP 6.0.17 Export/Import TeX bugs

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The attached files illustrate 3 bugs I have identified when using Export and Import TeX in SWP 6.0.17.

ExportTeX17.sci is an original .sci file created in SWP 6
ExportTeX17.tex is the TeX file generated from ExportTeX17.sci by using the Export TeX command in SWP
ImportTeX17.sci is the file generated by reimporting ExportTeX17.tex into SWP 6.0.17.

The bugs are as follows:

1. Marker causes formatting bug. The presence of the marker at the beginning of the first paragraph following the section head “Introduction” in ExportTeX17.sci results in no bodyText tag being inserted for that paragraph in the reimported file ImportTeX17.sci. As a result, the pdf of ImportTeX17.sci incorrectly runs the first 2 paragraphs together. As I recall it, this bug was new to SWP 6.0.16 – it did not occur with SWP 6.0.15.

2. The TeX button “TEX: thispagestyle” after the abstract in ExportTeX17.sci is duplicated and disaggregated in ImportTeX17.sci. This bug was also new to SWP 6.0.16 – it did not occur with SWP 6.0.15.

What I guess is going on is that the TeX button “TEX: thispagestyle” in the ExportTeX17.sci is exported to TeX as

% \setcounter{page}{0}}}%

which, when reimported from the ExportTeX17.tex to SWP 6.0.17.sci, produces the duplicated TeX buttons

TEX: thispagestyle TEX: thispagestyle TEX: setcounter

in ImportTeX17.sci.

3. The fraction in the displayed equation in the attached files is set out visually in the original .sci file ExportTeX17.sci but is reimported as the TeX field

\genfrac {(}{)}{}{}{p \theta _{E}}{2}

in ImportTeX17.sci. PDF output is the same for both but it would be appropriate, and much more convenient for subsequent editing, to have the reimported TeX field displayed visually as in ExportTeX17.sci.

It is an absolutely top priority for SWP 6 to have seamless exporting to and importing from TeX for people like me who have co-authors using other programs (including SWP 5.5) to produce TeX files. Are you able to reproduce them from the information I have given?

At least 2 of the bugs listed above were, as I recall it, newly introduced in SWP 6.0.16 so I imagine they should not be too difficult to fix. I very much hope fixing all of them will be a priority for the next release.

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Thank you for fixing bug 2 of

Thank you for fixing bug 2 of these in SWP 6.0.18.

However, bugs 1 and 3 are still present with release 6.0.18. Will you be able to fix them in the next release?