SWP 6.0.17 - installation problems

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I have tried to install SWP 6.0.17 twice -- without succeess. Here is what is happening:

* I download and start the installation.
* I choose all default settings.
* Then first one, and soon after that a second installation icon pops up on the task bar of Windows 10.
--> the first one appears to finish quickly, and states that it is working on installing the desktop icon. But apparently this job has not finished.
--> the second looks like the "real thing", and spend a lot of time installing the update (including TeX Live).

* When the second job finishes, the first icon is still there on the task bar...
--> if I try to "finish" it or close it, I get the error message that there is another installation, and then it suggests to uninstall SWP 6.0.17.
--> no matter what I do, it proceeds to uninstall SWP 6.0.17
--> when done, there is no trace of SWP 6.0.17 on my computer

I don't know what is going on here...