crop marks

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SWP 6.0.17 on MsWin

Starting from the Std Latex Article, do DocFormat, and then, on the Page Layout, enable changes, check Crop Marks, and back out.

As far as I can see, the only effect of this is to add the class option 'titlepage' to the TeX file. You certainly don't get crop marks.

I think you are getting crop

I think you are getting crop marks, but they are appearing at exactly the paper size, so fall outside of the area of the PDF file.  If you use View, TeX File you should be able to find the extra \usepackage statements that are included by the changes to the Document Format dialog.

However, there still seems to be problems caused by conflicts with added statements for the geometry package.  If you need crop marks, probaly best to just directly set paper size and add the crop package using the Options and Packages dialog.  To demonstrate:

- Select Typeset, Options and Packages, the Class Options tab, choose the Modify button, select the Paper size category and set a5 as the paper size.  Choose OK to close the Options for class dialog.

- Click the Package Options tab and then the Go Native button.  In the Native LaTeX Packages dialog add the line "[cam,a4,center]{crop}" (without the quotes) and use OK to close the open dialogs.

- Click the PDF Preview tab and the text will be formatted to a5 paper, showing the crop marks, on a4 paper.

I have let the development team know about this problem.