List of .bst files empty

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When I choose Insert/Typeset Object/Bibliography in SWP 6.0.16, the BibTeX Bibliography dialog that opens up has no entries in the Style column. (It has the correct entries in the Database Files column.) In 6.0.15, the Style column was populated with .bst filenames without my having to specify their location.

As instructed, I have left the field for the BibTeX style directory under SWP/Preferences/Typesetting blank because my .bst files are in the TeX default location. Moreover, pdfLaTeX obviously finds the .bst file location because when I use PDF Preview the references appear in the style specified in the document BIBTEX field.

What do I need to do to get the list of .bst files to appear in the BibTeX Bibliography dialog? I am using a Mac running OS X (El Capitan) 10.11.5.

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I've had the same problem: my

I've had the same problem: my solution has been to specify the location by hand: in my case I use (for TeXLive 2015):


You're looking for the folder containing (folders containing) bst files. For Mac you'll want to use "/" (not "\") as the separator.

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I haven't managed to locate

I haven't managed to locate the relevant directory for a Mac. Can anybody tell me what the correct path is?

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I have now answered my own

I have now answered my own question. The directory


seems to be what is required.