SWP 6.0.16 Export/Import TeX bugs

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It’s great that you have fixed in SWP 6.0.16 the many bugs with importing TeX files that I reported with previous versions. Many thanks for doing that.

There are, though, two bugs with SWP 6.0.16 that I have noticed when exporting a .sci file to TeX and then reimporting the exported TeX file into SWP. I attach 3 files that illustrate these. ExportTeX16.sci is the original .sci file created in SWP 6, ExportTeX16.tex is the TeX file generated using the Export TeX command in SWP, and ImportTeX16.sci is the file generated by reimporting that TeX file into SWP 6.0.16.

1. TeX commands such as \thispagestyle{empty} in the ExportTeX16.sci are exported to TeX as


When reimported from the ExportTeX16.tex to SWP 6.0.16, this produces the duplicated command

\thispagestyle {empty} \thispagestyle{empty}

in ImportTeX16.sci. This bug is new to SWP 6.0.16 – it did not occur with SWP 6.0.15 – so I imagine it should be easy to fix.

2. The fraction in the displayed equation in the attached files is set out visually in the original .sci file ExportTeX16.sci but is reimported as the TeX field

\genfrac {(}{)}{}{}{p \theta _{E}}{2}

in ImportTeX16.sci. PDF output is the same for both but it would be appropriate, and much more convenient for subsequent editing, to have the reimported TeX field displayed visually as in ExportTeX16.sci.

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