IEEE style?

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I have used the "IEEE Transactions for conferences" style for an IEEE conference (A4 format), and get several messages wrt. margins when I try to upload it.

I'm now told that IEEE has changed/updated their style, see some attached files (I was not allowed to attach zipped files, nor cls files... I changed the name of IEEEtrans.cls to IEEEtrans_cls.txt so that it could be uploaded...).

Question: How can I use this updated IEEE style with SWP?

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If it's just a question of

If it's just a question of layout, (margins, font sizes, etc) then it may be possible to simply replace the existing IEEE files in the appropriate TCITex folder with the new ones. What I'd suggest is to find the old files, and renaming the containing folder to something like IEEE_old, the replace the old files with the new ones, and see what happens.
(If the relevant file is just the cls file in
it ought to be quite easy.) If it doesn't work out, you can always go back.