SWP 6.0.15 -- still keyboard shortcut problems

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More of the Basic Keyboard Shortcuts now work on my non-US keyboard (Norwegian keyboard). But there are still problems, see attached PDF file. Some comments:

* In the past (SWP 5.5, etc.), Ctrl+m was really a *toggle* between text mode and math mode. In SWP 6, Ctrl+m switches from text to math, while Ctrl+t is needed to switch back to text.

I *much* prefer Ctrl+m to be a *toggle*. I have never used Ctrl+t. Why is Ctrl+m better? Obviously, the main Ctrl-key is pushed by the left hand, and letter t is also pushed using the left hand. It is "electro motorically" much simpler to use Ctrl+m combination because that I use both hands -- which are easier to combine than doing Ctrl+t which requires me to stretch *both* the pinkie and the pointing finger on the left hand simultaneously.

* Evaluate expression works, but I need to simultaneously push down 4 keys to do it... :-(. Ah, ok. This is not the feature I use most, so perhaps not a disaster.

* pairs of brackets ([]) and pairs of braces ({}) don't work

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