compiling to dvi and to pdf

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I am having a bunch of problems. My laptop died and I installled SWP 5.0 on this new laptop and it is giving me a hardtime. The new laprop is running on Vista.

let's start one by one.


1) I used to be able to compile the file in SWP and then the dvi file will open up automatically. NO MORE. I have to look for the file in the directory and then open it.

2) The same problem is for when compiling to a pdf.

Thanks for your help.


This would be the expected

This would be the expected behavior after installing, so it's not clear why your system isn't working.

If you use Typeset, Compile you say that the DVI file is created correctly.  You should then be able to use Typeset, Preview to launch the TrueTeX Previewer which would open the existing DVI file.  The command line that starts the TrueTeX Previewer is set in the dialog you can open using Typeset, Expert Settings, then the DVI Preview Settings tab.  "TrueTeX Previewer" should be the selected previewer and after using the Add/Modify button the executable filename should contain a pointer to dvigdi32.exe in the directory TCITeX/TrueTeX below where the program was installed.  The Command line to invoke preview driver should contain:

%x "%f" -i% %I -d 0 0 -1 -1

There are corresponding settings for the PDF Preview Settings tab that point to the PDF viewer program that is installed on your computer (usually some version of Acrobat Reader).

Knowing the directory you installed into and any messages that may be displayed would also be helpful in tracking down what's going on.