import not working

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swp 6.0.15 on MSwin

Start the program, do File -> Import Tex, then
navigate to the SWP55 SWSamples folder and
select the beamer file (PackageSample-Beamer).
You get an immediate

Error executing command 'importtex'

from the system. I tried this with a couple of
other SWP55 files in the same folder, as well
as with one of my own SWP55 documents;
all with the same result.

It seems that the import function is not working.

This is a bit surprising, since many of the
changes noted with 6.0.15 have to do with
importing. Surely someone checked that the
import function was working before releasing
the update?

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I am able to import the

I am able to import the PackageSample-Beamer.tex file. 

If you close down all instances of the software and restart, does this problem still exist?

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Yes the problem exists if the

Yes the problem exists if the import is the first thing I try upon starting SWP6.

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We are not seeing this error

We are not seeing this error here.

Is there a PackageSample-Beamer_work directory? If so, try deleting it and importing again.

What do you see when you click on the More Info button?


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