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Peculiar parsing error happens with attached tex-file saved by 5.5 and imported by 6.15

XML Parsing Error: no element found Location: file:///C:/Users/TeXAB/Documents/SWPDocs/test-55_work/main.xhtml Line Number 36, Column 45:

body showexpanders="true" showshort="true">

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Yes, this looks like a rather

Yes, this looks like a rather embarassing bug.  If you save the document as SW/SWP/SNB and import it, it comes in okay.  But saved as Portable LaTeX (as is the uploaded file), the file can't be imported.  This will be reported to the development team.

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I have now imported the whole

I have now imported the whole document and it seems to compile correctly. Two issues emerges

Preamble: \hyphenation{sam-hälls-vet-en-skap} does not work either with fontencode T1 or without

I miss the pure compile since I do not want a new pdf each time. Is it a way to have this functionality?

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Any compile will produce a

Any compile will produce a file, either DVI or a PDF. I think you are asking for a way to run the compile without having the view switch to the PDF file. This can be easily added, if there is other demand for it. In the meantime, you can change the preference for viewing the PDF to use another program (in our preferences dialog). Then the PDF that is produced will be in another window, which can be made very small, and will not replace the normal view.



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My explanation was not good.

My explanation was not good. This one is hopefully better.

With SWP5.5 I use SumatraPDF and when I Preview the first time a pdf is created and shown by Sumatra. I add some more text in SWP and then I just Compile it. The result is shown by Sumatra at the same position as previous time. It does not start from the beginning of the document. Very useful if you are proofreading and make a correction and then immediately can see the result without scrolling from the beginning.

With 6.15 I may either use current plugin (acrobat?) or my default pdf-viewer (foxit). But I do not have a third choice (sumatra) just for SWP. I guess my wish is to choose what I want for SWP and to have a Compile button.

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Thank you. I started to

Thank you. I started to believe I was crazy. Your suggestion also works for me.

It took some time before finish compilation with 6.15. Looked like a transformation from wmf to something else.