SWP5.5 and Windows 10

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Has anyone succeeded in getting SWP5.5 to work under Windows 10?

Yes.  I installed on a new

Yes.  I installed on a new Dell without any difficulty.  Some people have had the TrueTeX portion of the install hang.  This is probably caused by virus checking preventing the launch of the TrueTeX installer.  Rebooting into safe mode and then installing has been a successful way to avoid the problem.  See http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/start-computer-safe-mode for a Microsoft page to help starting in safe mode.

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Thank you, this got me

Thank you, this got me farther. But none of the truetype fonts installed. I got an error for every font. Is there a way for me to manually install the fonts? Or is there a setting that I have missed that would allow SWP to complete the installation?

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I found the fonts on the

I found the fonts on the disk! I manually installed them and now can compile just fine. Thanks every so much for the help!