Matrix column alignment

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Is there a way to left-align matrix columns in SWP 6.0.14?

When I enter a matrix by clicking on Insert/Math Objects/Matrix (or on the matrix icon in the toolbar), each cell in a column is centered within the column. I had expected that selecting a column (or the whole matrix), then right-clicking on the selection and choosing Properties would bring up a dialog box with options. But it does not bring up any options.

Is this as intended? Or is this way of changing matrix properties not yet implemented?

In either case, is there some other way that I can left-align the columns of a matrix in SWP 6?

I am using Mac OS X 10.11.4 (El Capitan).

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In the long-term, this is not

In the long-term, this is not intended. We will be adding this functionality in the future.