What file are "Fragments" stored in?

I got a new computer and reloaded Scientific Workplace. I need to copy over the Fragments file.
What is it called, and where is it located?

Version 5.5 (and previous

Version 5.5 (and previous versions) uses the Frags directory below where the program is installed for the fragments.  This includes subdirectories, so in a standard installation you will Beamer and Constants as subdirectories to Frags.

Thank you!! I got it out.

Thank you!! I got it out. Next... where is the Symbol Cache file?

That's kept in the user

That's kept in the user registry.  The toolbar information is managed by Microsoft code that we use.  Trying to move this registry information to a new computer is not likely to be successful.  The easiest and safest thing to do is just recreate the Symbol Cache toolbar on the new computer.