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I have added new proposition to the existing document (that has been pdf previewed previously). Saved and wanted preview again. To my surprise the added proposition did not appear:-(

The added proposition did not

The added proposition did not appear where?  In the body of the document or only in the PDF results?  Post a sample document if you continue to have difficulties.

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In the pdf preview of course.

In the pdf preview of course. Sorry for the confusion

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This sounds serious. If

This sounds serious. If you've not already done so, please send the .sci file, the TeX file that it generates, and the resulting PDF file. That should allow us to trace the problem.



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The proba.sci file contains

The proba.sci file contains added Theorem. The proba.pdf file was created as proba.sci was saved (with new thorem). However it does not contain newly added Theorem:-(

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The added Theorem appeared

The added Theorem appeared correctly when I opened the .sci file and ran PDF Preview.

Could the behavior you observed be an example of the following behavior I have observed?

Sometimes when I do small edits on a file in SWP 6 and run Preview PDF, the PDF of the previous version appears on screen without any LaTeX passes being run. It is as if SWP has not recognised that the document has been altered since the previous use of PDF Preview and so opens an already existing PDF file.

When that happens, all I do is delete and reinsert a space somewhere in the document. Then PDF Preview results in a new PDF being created, so it is not a major problem.

I haven't reported this before because (1) it does not happen very often, (2) I am unsure what causes the problem, and (3) there seem more important issues to sort out.

My impression is that it happens to me mostly when the editing I have done is just math and not text but i cannot be sure about that.

The .pdf file shows it was

The .pdf file shows it was created at 8:35:51am and the .sci file shows it was last saved at 8:37:22am.  The .pdf is probably an old version.  I haven't seen SW not showing the document as "dirty" except when I make changes switching between Source and Normal views.  Any changes should mark the document as dirty causing a new .pdf to be created when asked for, so this not happening is a bug that needs to be identified so it can be fixed.

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pdf previewing behaves

pdf previewing behaves strange. I have imported a file created in SWP5.5 and wanted to pdf preview it. Nothing happened. Probably because n the same directory was a pdf file created by SWP5.5 some time ago. Hence I have changed something in newly important file, saved it and wanted to pdf preview it. Again nothing happened:-(