QED box symbol at end of proof location when typesetting


Thanks for any help that you may offer:

How does one control the location and appearance of the end of proof (QED) box when the document typesets?

In mine, it almost always appears on a new line or over the page and wastes lots of space.

I want it to the right-hand side and on the same last line as the end of the proof if possible.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

The amsthm package can be

The amsthm package can be looked at for this.  The proof environment is defined by amsthm.  To avoid a LaTeX error since proof is usually defined in the document preamble see https://www.mackichan.com/techtalk/630.htm.

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This does not appear in the

This does not appear in the Typeset -> Options and Packages menu because it is not one of the built-in packages.

If you want to carry on using the proprietary TrueTex system that comes with SW5.5, it might work with the ntheorem package which will need to downloaded


and installed into the appropriate locations within the TCITex directory. This is not something I have tried personally but it might work. In any case, you can have a look at the package documentation to see if it does what you want.

What I did some years ago was to install MikTeX (available for free) and set SW5.5 up as front end per the instructions given on the following web page:


It involves some reconfiguration of SW5.5 but is well worth the effort. MikTeX comes with a comprehensive package library which, I think, already includes ntheorem. Otherwise, once set up, MikTeX will install any missing packages needed to compile a particular document on the fly either automatically or after asking for permission.

Whichever setup is used, you will need to add


to the document preamble where the brackets [...] contain the options for the ntheorem package.

I hope this helps.

Hi there I have finished my

Hi there

I have finished my thesis using SWP5.5 and other LaTeX editors to achieve compatibility with modern packages.

Now that the pressure is off, I still want to use SWP as an editor but with MikTeX supporting the packages.

I dutifully followed instructions given here: http://home.datacomm.ch/paulsoderlind/Software/Software.html

I can produce a Yap dvi but not a pdf. The error is "Error running Tex, pdf file not created" and indeed there is no update to my pdf.

Any suggestions please?


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The ntheorem latex package

The ntheorem latex package solved this problem for me. It works with SW5.5 + MikTeX. I haven't tried using it with SW6.

Hi there. Many thanks. I

Hi there. Many thanks.

I can't find that package in Typeset, Options and Packages, Add Packages.

Is there a way of getting it?

Thanks again

The packages on the Add list

The packages on the Add list are managed via a file that lists available packages for use with each document class.

Arbitrary packages can be added via Go Native.  See the Go Native section at https://www.mackichan.com/techtalk/455.htm