SWP 6.0.13 Importing TeX

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I attach 3 files that illustrate serious bugs with importing TeX files into SWP 6.

ExportTeX0.sci is an original file from SWP 6.0.13.
ExportTeX1.tex is the TeX file generated from ExportTeX0.sci by using the Export TeX facility in SWP 6.0.13.
ImportTeX1.sci is the sci file generated from ExportTeX1.tex by using the Import TeX facility in SWP 6.0.13.

If the export and import facilities worked correctly, ImportTeX1.sci would be identical to ExportTeX0.sci. (I did not edit the TeX file directly, so there is nothing there that was not exported by SWP.) It isn't identical in the following respects:

1. Addition of required and non-breaking spaces. Lots of required and non-breaking spaces have been added to ImportTeX1.sci which screw up the formatting. One example is that the equation references have a space added so that they now appear as, for example, ( 2) instead of (2). Another is that, if I edit ImportTeX1.sci and it happens that an added non-breaking space is at the end of a line, the line breaks come in inappropriate places. There seems to be no reason for adding all these required and non-breaking spaces and having them added is extremely inconvenient.

2. Proposition environment. The Proposition environment is not recognised correctly in ImportTeX1.sci - it is just recognised as an "environment", not as a "Proposition" and no numbering appears on-screen. Moreover, Preview PDF has a problem - see #3.

3. Paragraph indent after proposition. In ImportTeX1.sci and the PDF generated from it, there is no paragraph indent following the proposition, even though there is in the PDFs generated directly from ExportTeX0.sci and ExportTeX1.tex.

4. Math not interpreted. In the final displayed equation, the fraction is displayed as the TeX field "TEX: \genfrac" in ImportTeX1.sci, not graphically as it is in ExportTeX0.sci.

5. BIBTEX command not interpreted correctly. The name of the BibTeX style file (in this case agsm) is moved outside the command and the database files are not highlighted under Properties.

Having these bugs in SWP 6 sorted out is a very high priority for me. They are a major impediment to using SWP 6 for serious work. None of my co-authors has yet been prepared to move from SWP 5.5 to SWP 6 - the many bugs in SWP 6 make it slow and frustrating to use and the new features are not sufficient to compensate. So every iteration between co-authors and me requires me to do a lot of manual editing of errors introduced by Import TeX. This is deeply frustrating.

Can you please sort out these bugs for the next release of SWP 6?

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Well it's interesting. I have

Well it's interesting. I have noticed this phenomenon with theorem like envinroments when importing old (created under SWP5.5) files. I am surprised that the same happens when exporting and then importing same file:-(
Anyway this strange display in normal view does not affect pdf viewing