Cross Chapter Theorem, Corollary and Lemma referencing

I am compiling a thesis using the Linda Gilbert Book UPSTYLE. I have several self contained chapters. When I run the book it typesets all the Chapters. How do I reference one chapter's Theorems, Corollaries and Lemmas from another when they are all self-contained and not aware of each others' contents?

Many thanks if you can help.

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I think you should use the

I think you should use the dialog located at Insert > Hyperlink. If this is not what you need, please post a minimal working example of your problem.

Thanks for that and it seems

Thanks for that and it seems helpful. How do I find all the markers for the chapter that I need to cross reference from another chapter? The marker pull-down menu only displays markers for the very chapter I am in even though my URL pull-down has chosen the other chapter:
STOP PRESS: Based on your input, I read the sections in the Help on hypertext links, cross references and markers and all the required typesetting on the master document and I have solved the problem. Many thanks for heading me in the correct direction.