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SWP 6.0.13 on MSWin

Could someone take the time to explain
the intended uses of the various
frame-like constructs that are available
in SWP6? I've noticed:

1. Insert > Frame
2. ltxframe on the text tag menu
3. smallbox on the text tag menu
4. msiframe on the structure tag menu

Are there others?

It would also be worth knowing
if these are working as intended,
because it's possible to have doubts.

In the Std Latex Article, enter a
blank line and then do Insert > Frame.
In the resulting dialog, set a custom
size to 4x4in, make the frame Displayed,
and then set the border and background
colors to something appropriate.
Close the dialog.

Back in the editor, note that the
color setting seems to have had no effect.
Still, pressing on, insert a (say)
3x3 random matrix in the frame.

Preview. The colors are now correct, but
nothing seems to indicate that your
frame was 4x4in.

Look at the TeX. What seems to have
been generated is


(followed by the matrix). Note that nothing
here has anything to do with the frame size.
What's the point of allowing the user to
set the frame size if it's simply ignored?

Now put the cursor in the frame and do
Properties > properties of minipage.
Set the Baseline to Same as Bottom Row.
Back in the editor, note that nothing
seems to have changed. Preview.
Nothing seems to have changed. Look
at the TeX file. Nothing changed here

Again, what's the point of making this
user-selectable if it doesn't have any

Users can waste a lot of time trying
to understand whether the problem
is that the construct isn't working,
whether they're doing something wrong,
or whether it's all working, but these
features aren't supposed to be set
(in which case surely they ought to
be grayed out in the relevant dialogs).

I think this is something that
should be clarified/explained.