Problems installing SW 6.0.13

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I'm trying since yesterday to install the new update but unfortunately I haven't managed to succeed it.It is the first time that this happens to me.I have tried many times to install it.I even left my PC open all night but I didn't make it.Any idea?

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You probably need to provide

You probably need to provide more detail, like precisely which operating system you're installing on, and just where the installation seems to halt (assuming it ever gets started), and anything else that you think might conceivably help the developers diagnose the problem. Just saying "it doesn't work" isn't terribly helpful.

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I'm sorry,I missed this

I'm sorry,I missed this part.I was hurrying and I didn't manage to give you more details.
I'm using Windows 10.The installation starts smoothly.The problems appears durins the installation of "TeX live from".At this part the installation has been halted for hours and I don't know why.I've never had a problem during the installation process and it is the first time that happens to me.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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I've never tried the built-in

I've never tried the built-in TeXLive installation. My suggestion would be to begin by installing TL from CTAN --- this can take a while, but not overnight if you have a reasonably fast connection --- and then install swp, this time declining the network TL install.

Also, you say that you've never had a problem before: does this mean that you've already got TL installed and working? In which case, just decline the network install when you set up SWP.

Hope this helps. Even on a very slow computer, installation of just-SWP takes well under 5 mins; once you've done this, you might also want to check out the Inkscape thread here, since at least on Windows, the installer and sidebar are a bit misleading.

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Thank you very much! Yes,all

Thank you very much! Yes,all the previous times I didn't have any problem with the installation.So I followed your second advice and the installation was successfull!
Once more thanks a lot for you help...