Installing Inkscape

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After installation of the Mac version of SWP 6.0.13, the sidebar states:

"The installation of Inkscape is an option in our installation program"

However, I was not aware of having been given that option during installation. How can I check whether Inkscape has been installed? And, if it has not been, can I install it separately? Or do I need to reinstall SWP 6.0.13 and, if so, how do ensure I am given the option to install it?

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At least on windows, the

At least on windows, the description of the Inkscape install is misleading: unlike the Ghostscript install which runs automatically at the end of the SWP setup if you checked the right box, you need to run the Inkscape install by yourself when the SWP install completes.

On Windows, the install places an .msi file containing Inkscape in your SWP folder, and you just run it. Presumably something similar happens on the Mac. At least on Windows, it's important to accept the default installation, since the destination is hard-wired into msitex.cmd. I believe it's safe to accept Inkscape's "Typical" installation option.

(It's a pity that this could not be automated, as it is with GS: but at the least, the instructions ought to be clarified).

Question: for those of us who installed WMF2eps, can this now be removed, since, as I understand it, wmf/emf support is now through inkscape.

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Many thanks for the

Many thanks for the clarification. I have now located the relevant file. For Mac users it is


which is located in the Applications/MacKichan/local/bin folder.