version numbers for SW on Mac

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The Mac version of SW6... does not report the version number correctly. Both "Get INfo" and "about this Mac" are still reporting that I have SW6.0.0 from Oct 2015, despite the fact that I just upgraded to 6.0.12. Consequently, I don't really know what version I am running. Is there a secret way to determine this?

Below the graphics in the

Below the graphics in the About dialog is the product name, version, and release date.  This comes from a file in the application.  The current release version and date is 6.0.12 02/23/2016.  This dialog can be resized, causing this string to be hidden.  The version string can be shown by resizing the dialog or using the scroll bars inside the dialog.

The app itself is just a wrapper file and that file is marked as Version 6.0.0 on the Macintosh and the version of the underlying wrapper program on Windows.  To discover the installed version, on the Macintosh use the About menu item from the application name (SNB, SW, or SWP for Scientific Notebook, Scientific Word, or Scientific WorkPlace) and on Windows use Help, About.  This will open the About dialog.


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On my MacBook Air with SWP

On my MacBook Air with SWP open, clicking on "SWP" on the menu across the top and then selecting "About Scientific WorkPlace" brings up a window that, on the About tab, shows what version of SWP I have installed. Nothing secret about it. Is it not the same on yours?