bugs in sw 6.0.12

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Hello to everyone!

I wanted to point some bugs that I have encountered to SW 6.0.12.

Firstly,and this is not only a property of the last update,it is totally unpredictable the result of copying and pasting a math expression.Some times it works fine and some others what you get at the pdf version is just the characters of the matc expression in a line.
Secondly I have realised that when I'm trying to insert a math name from the keyboard the math name is repeated when I'm finishing.For example,if I want to add the log,when I'm finishing it what I get is log log.I don't know why this is happening.When I add the math name from the upper bar no problem appears.

Thankfully the major import Tex problem from version older that 6 was resolved in this update.Hope the improvements will continue.

All the best!

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1. Cutting and pasting math

1. Cutting and pasting math expressions. My experience is that this seems to work correctly if I copy text both before and after the math expression but, of course, that is not always possible, for example in displayed equations. Otherwise, I observe the same unpredictability you do if there are any subscripts, superscripts, decorations, etc. in the math expression. Having this sorted out is one of my top priorities for SWP - it is crucial for effective writing and editing anything with a significant amount of math.

2. Repeated math names. I have observed this when inserting a cross reference, whether or not to a math name. I think it happens when I type the cross reference label, the label also appears in the menu list that pops up and I click on OK without selecting the label from the menu list and having it close first. It would be good too have this sorted out too but it is nothing like as important as sorting out the previous item.

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Exactly...The problem refers

Exactly...The problem refers mainly to cutting and pasting in displayed equations.I haven't encounter this problem in other occasions.But you realize that this is important because many times you want to edit big and complicated expressions and it is not an efficient process at all.
Happy to hear that fixing it is one of the top priorities of yours.
Keep up the good work!