Subsubsubsections in 6.0.12

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I received a TeX file from a co-author that used subsubsubsections. These seem to be recognized correctly in SWP 6.0.12, appear in the headings panel on the left-hand side of the program window, and appear correctly in PDF Preview. But when I want to add further subsubsubsections, I find that there is no entry for these in the drop-down list of environments.

As every other aspect of using a subsubsubsection seems to work correctly, I imagine the problem is simply that this environment has been omitted from the drop-down menu.

Is that correct? If so, please add subsubsubsection to the drop-down menu. If not, the problem needs sorting out.

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The sectioning commands for

The sectioning commands for LaTeX are, according to The LaTeX Companion, Ed. 2, are:


so I think what you want is 'paragraph'.

You might also be interested in the autosubstitute '.sub.' (the two periods are part of the pattern) which starts a new section with level one higher than the current section.




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You are absolutely right.

You are absolutely right. Thank you for pointing this out to me.