I've not tried to use version 6 for anything remotely real, because when I briefly play with it, I am frustrated by friction, drag, nonworking behavior, and almost no solutions on the forum.

I didn't upgrade to get here, I shelled out the full price.

Is 6.0.12 any better than the 6.0.7 or 6.0.8? Can anyone who has found more time to use this please let me know if they think it worth attempting to use at this point. Or should I just give up?

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My experience is that I have

My experience is that I have been successfully using SWP 6.0.12 for serious work and it is certainly an improvement over 6.0.7 or 6.0.8 in important respects. For safety, I save my work very often (much more often than I did with SWP 5.5) because the program sometimes does unexpected things that it is easiest to undo by closing without saving and re-opening but I have never lost a serious amount of work using it.

My main frustrations with 6.0.12 are:

1. It does not always import TeX files correctly, which is a big handicap for working with co-authors who use SWP 5.5. Most irritating is that 6.0.12 strips out spaces in equation labels in imported TeX files so that cross references to equations appear as (??) in PDF output. (In this respect, it is actually worse than 6.0.10, which did not strip out the spaces.) But also, it does not seem to recognize environments such as Proposition correctly and it messes up a second author address that is in a TeX file so that the PDF output appears with that address by itself on a separate page in front of the title.

2. The PDF output does not produce a second author address even when it is correctly input into 6.0.12, which is a serious impediment to working with co-authors.

3. 6.0.12 is slower to work with than SWP 5.5, not just because I am less familiar with it but, particularly, because editing math seems very hit and miss. Copying and pasting math expressions often results in something that is very different from what was copied, deleting math characters often deletes something different from what I expect and sometimes results in the cursor jumping to a subsequent math expression some distance away with text in between. Trying to edit a fraction is particularly frustrating. Moreover, using “undo” when editing math characters often does not get me back to what I had before. So it makes sense to save work before doing any editing of complicated math.

With these problems, 6.0.12 is not good for work with co-authors, nor for work that involves a lot of editing of complicated math. Sure, there are other bugs but, if importing TeX files, handling second author addresses and math editing were sorted out in the next version, I would be happy to use it for almost all my serious work.

I hope this helps.

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This does help. We have our

This does help. We have our work cut out for us fixing all of these shortcomings, but it helps when our users tell us what is most important to them.