No PDF out of the box v 6.0.12

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I tried to find related problem in other posts, but couldn't.

I installed SWP 6.0.12 on a PC that never had SWP 6 on it and it never had tex live. Opened the program tried to switch to PDF preview. After a brief DOS-like window pop up, got an error: "Unable to create a PDF file" and another window says "No log file" and that's it.
Next I downloaded texlive and installed a full version over what SWP did keeping all the same default directories. Same story - did not help. Using Windows 10 64 bit enterprise. Any suggestions?
I answered my own question and, perhaps, it will help others. If you have an error like above, go to "Advanced System Settings" -> "Environmental variables" and create/check the variable MSITEXBIN that it is set to "C:\texlive\2015\bin\win32"