swp 6.0.12 : other issues

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6.0.12 on MSWin - Other Issues

(Many of these were developed while
working with 6.0.11; but I re-checked
them where necessary for 6.0.12).

*** matrix properties ***

The missing matrix-Properties problem
(marked as "blocker", ie of the
highest severity, on Bugzilla),
has not been fixed.

*** table + bold ****

Nor has a table duplication problem:
Create a 2x2 table, put a single
word in each cell. Select row 1
and bold the entire row. When typeset,
the word in cell (1,1) is duplicated
(once in bold, once not).

*** The AER Shell ***

Previewing the Amer Econ Review shell
(without making any changes) fails.

The TeX-Error dialog says:

! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [input stack size=5000].
\font@name ->
l.45 \maketitle

! ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

*** svg image support ***

Import of an svg graphics file is working,
however, pdf preview fails. I suspect that
it is (as previously suggested) due to some
hardwired locations having to do with
Inkscape (which is no-where mentioned as
being required). The LaTeX Passes
dialog never disappears. If you close it
you get an Unable to Create PDF message
and the compilation error dialog reports
(my image file was c:\ftp\dynamicflow.svg):

! Too many }'s.
l.17 }
You've closed more groups than you opened.
Such booboos are generally harmless, so keep going.

! LaTeX Error: Command \Inkscape already defined.
Or name \end... illegal, see p.192 of the manual.

! LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .svg.

! LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .svg.

! LaTeX Error: File `dynamicflow.pdf_tex' not found.

! Emergency stop.

*** (cannot \read from terminal in nonstop modes)

! ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

As I have noted elsewhere, LyX has no
problems here (and doesn't require Inkscape)
so it should be possible to handle this.

*** Those dos sessions ***

Once a wmf/emf file is loaded
*any* change --- even just taking
a look at the image's Properties ---
involves several dos sessions.
This looks clumsy. Since LyX manages
to do without them (and uses, as I
understand it, only public-domain
tools) this should be avoidable.

*** Graphics file selection ***

(Minor quibbles): The Choose File
dialog says that it is displaying
by default "Image Files", but this
is not correct: all files are
displayed, including, eg, toc, log,
tex and bak files.

Also, note that you must use the
Choose File button to find an
image file: you cannot just type
or paste in the path+name. That's a
peculiar (if minor) limitation.
(I think 6.0.12 slightly improves
matters here: you still can't paste
in the name, but if you try to,
the Choose File dialog now opens;
before, nothing happened).

*** text to math ***

On a new line, type (1+x)
(including the parentheses) *in text*.
Now select it and hit Ctrl+m
(or use the icon) to convert to
math. What happens in about 2 out
of 3 attempts is that the expression
is not converted, but a math-entry
box is entered to its right.

It's not clear (to me at least) what
distinguishes the failures from the
successes. It could be helpful to
understand what's happening here.

*** Bibliography ****

The Typeset Preference item for the
Bibitex Style directory says that you
can leave it blank, and the default
location for the bst files will be
used. This doesn't happen for me.
Unless I've put the right location
here, the rhs (Style) part of the
Insert > TypesetObject > Bibliography
dialog is empty. (Maybe related to
the TEXMF question in another posting?).
VMichel on the Forum appears to have
run up against this problem, too.

*** Doc Format ***

As far as I can tell, specifying
crop marks in DocFormat has no effect.

Specifying Times for the Main font
has no effect, and isn't remembered.
(Nor, I think, is Palatino).

Given that you're trying to support
Times text, I don't see why Times
math can't be supported too: after
all, you install the Stix fonts.
And it should be simple to install
the stix package, if this isn't already

Is there a reason not to allow
cmtt as an option for the fixed-width
font? (To me, it's much nicer than
Courier, which, as everyone complains,
runs very wide). I've often done this in
SWP55 and have encountered no problems.
For text, it may be just a matter of


into the preamble. If so, support
is very simple.

*** Tables ***

Once you specify lines in a table
it seems impossible to change
your mind and get rid of them.
And the setting isn't remembered.

The Advanced Edit button in the
Table Properties has no effect.
I could have sworn this worked
in 6.0.10.

Table Properties > Table:
The drop-down under
Max Table Width doesn't
do anything.

Under that you have
"Current units: " followed
by nothing. Something missing?

If you uncheck Automatic
and put something in the
edit box below it, then
(a) it doesn't seem to do
anything and (b) isn't remembered.

Question: on the Cells tab,
just what does the Text Wrapping
setting do?

*** Paragraph Properties ***

Are the entries on the Body Text
properties (ie Paragraph Properties)
dialog meant to affect typesetting?
If so, then some entries do not
seem to be working: put the cursor
in say para 2 of the Std Latex
Article and change the above-para
setting to 20pt. This changes the
screen appearance, and is reflected
in direct preview, but not in pdf.

In addition, changing the Alignment
entry also has no effect on PDF.

If this dialog is meant to affect
direct print only, then I think
this ought to be noted on the dialog.
But in principle I don't see why
it shouldn't be expected to work
for pdf too. For example, changing
the text alignment is something that
users producing pdf ought to be
able to do; and it isn't on
the Doc Format dialog.

*** nits ***

Preferences > Start-Up Shell:
the text at the left reads

Suggestion: As I understand it,
the File > Page Setup dialog
affects only Direct Preview/Print.
I think it would be helpful to
indicate this on the dialog.