swp 6.0.12 : import issues

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6.0.12 on MSWin - Import Issues

(Many of these were developed while
working with 6.0.11; but I re-checked
them where necessary for 6.0.12).

*** Import crash ***

If you try to import the SWP55
document amslatextest.tex, you find:

!!! FILTER CRASHED !!! -- will attempt output

The result of the "attempt" was:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

XML Parsing Error: unclosed token Location: file:///C:/Users/pviton/Documents/SWPDocs/amslatextest_work/main.xhtml Line Number 2698, Column 286:

< ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^

--- ie nothing usable.

*** Import problem 1 ****

If you try to import checkout.tex
from SWP55 it looks to me as if the
Theorem statement is not imported
correctly (though the Proof is).

Minor: As compared to SWP55,
the absolute value symbols in
in the imported document
seem a bit scrawny --- they don't
expand as they did in SWP55.

Minor: there appears to be
extra space introduced
before |z| in the first display
and following "length of" in
the last one.

*** import problem 2 ***

In SWP55's stewartcalculus.tex
the numbered list in the Exercises
for section 9.1 are numbered twice.
I think this may be because the
filter doesn't recognize an explicit
\item (eg \item[a] ) in this type of list.

One interesting thing about the
import is that the equations are
unnumbered. This would be my preferred
status for equations that I enter
myself; but it is, regrettably,
apparently not possible to set up
as a default.

*** Import problem 3 (tables) ***

SWP5 floating tables that use
the "table (4x3 floating)" fragment
do not seem to import correctly.
In particular, the column separators
( & ) are imported verbatim, and
do not separate columns. The same
table as a non-float is imported

Less important: the B and E fragments
(\begin{table} and \end{table})
are imported as TeX fields, but
it ought to be possible, surely,
to convert them to their SWP6

*** import problem 4 ***
(dash import: minor)

(Previously reported): Importing
em- and en-dashes isn't
correct on screen: you have multiple
hyphens, rather than just one symbol.
However, the PDF appears correct,
so it's just an appearance issue.